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Conservatives THINK They Get Colbert...

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So apparently when conservatives watch the Colbert Report, they think Colbert actually means what he says. Are you guys serious???

Ohio State University did a study that says that conservatives think that Colbert only pretends to be joking, but really means what he says. Talk about a bunch of people who don't get comedy and satire.

I suppose that they don't grasp the fact that Stephen Colbert's routine is based on conservative asshat, Bill O'Reilly. Of course, he's also goofing on the whole bunch of conservative wingnuts who lose their minds over all-things liberal.

And don't they know that Stephen Colbert -- the man, not the character -- has admitted that he's a Democrat? Duh...

I suppose this means that he really IS against gay marriage...

Goodbye Texas -- And Take Oklahoma With Ya!

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Douche bags like Gov. Rick Perry of Texas pretty much deserve what they are asking for. Perry brazonly spoke of his state seceding from the union during National Teabagger Day a couple of weeks ago, but all the sudden when the pig flu shows up on his state's doorstep, he gets on his knees and begs for the federal government's help -- how ironic! What's the term... all hat and no cattle?

Anyhow, if you need help packing your bags, Texas, just ask...

JCVD + Dolph Lundgren = Awesome!!

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While some people get all excited when they see the first still shot of the upcoming "Transformers" and "Iron Man" movies, seeing this picture is the one that got me all giddy. It's the first still for "Universal Soldier 3". Oh yeah!!

We're looking right there at Jean Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren conspiring to kick some ass, baby! I'm a pretty big fan of the original film. I mean, how ofter do you see two major league actions stars go toe-to-toe in a movie?? Their egos are usually too big to be the guy who gets the beat-down so it rarely ever happens.

Looks like JCVD and Ivan Drago are going to reek havoc tag-team style this time 'round. I just hope this gem doesn't wind up going straight-to-DVD.