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God Bless The GOP

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Sometimes you gotta love Republicans.

Right after President Obama announces Sonya Sotomayor as his Supreme Court Justice nominee, I see and hear various conservative talking-heads calling her things like "racist", "not smart", "radical", "activist judge", "unqualified", etc.. Me thinks Christmas is coming early if this keeps up.

Here you have the first ever Hispanic nominee -- and she's a woman. Now you have the party of white guys with a storied history of racism and 'tradition values' (meaning that they prefer women to be barefoot & pregnant and in the home doing the laundry & washing the dishes) calling her dumb and racist. Nice. In fact, it's downright awesome!!

Here you take the Latino community who are the fastest growing group of people in America and you are considering waging a war over her. Unlike African-Americans, Latino-Americans are not all-in with Democrats -- yet. They're heading this way, but they still have shown to have some swing to their vote.

But what is clear is that they don't like the GOP's ideas when it comes to immigration reform (a.k.a. Operation: Throw Them All The Fuck Out) and they don't like the GOP messing with their chance to have representation on the Supreme Court.

I'm just praying that the wackos on the Right decide to start running ads and continue running their mouths because it'll just lead to more years of Democratic dominance in Washington. There's absolutely no doubt that this one is a losing battle, but I hope no one tells the GOP. Shhhhhhh....


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