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Mmmm... Christian Values

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So I'm watching this tool from the Family Research Council on MSNBC as I type this and this guy said that Carrie Prejean was basically cruicified for her Christian values.

Christian values, eh?

Boy, Christian values sure turn me on. If this is what counts as 'Christian values', I might have to sign back up again.

You'll notice that almost every person who defends this women almost all agree with her homophobic beliefs. They also manage to ignore the fact that she lied multiple times about her pictures and that her 'Christian values' are pretty fucking selective. For example...

I may not agree with her 'fuck the gays' stance, but the reason(s) why she shouldn't be Miss California has nothing to do with her position on same-sex marriage. It's that she's a total liar, a hypocrite for citing her Christian beliefs for her stance, being a spokesperson for a hate group while she is the reigning Miss California and, most importantly, that her naked & semi-naked pictures are a clear violation of the pageant (and Christian) rules.

This whole thing ticks me off because she gets rewarded for breaking the written rules and lying solely because she's good for business. Let's face it -- that's all the guy with the funny hair really cares about. Does anyone even know who the name of the actual Miss USA?

Ok, I think I've ranted more than enough about this skank, so here's one more very Christian photo of her for the road...


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