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Most Americans Get This Wrong


I wonder why we're so bad at answering this one...


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I almost did a little happy dance when the news broke that Republican Governor, Mark Sanford, was banging some Argentinian woman for 5-days last week instead of spending a nice Father's Day home with his wife and 4 sons. What a guy!

I think this was even a little more satisfying than when Republican Senator, John Ensign, admitted last week that he was banging a married woman who worked for his campaign. The sex was so good that he doubled her salary and employed her son as well!

Personally, I kinda miss the days when these swines would drag their wives to the news conferences for the sake of publicly humiliating them a la Republican Senator, David Vitter, who was banging prostitutes.

Shed no tears for her, though. The tough talking Wendy Vitter once said that she could not be forgiving like Hillary Clinton, but "a lot more like Lorena Bobbitt" while commenting on the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Apparently, this was a hollow statement as David Vitter is still in one piece and Mrs. Vitter is still Mrs. Vitter.

And not only was he paying for his sex, but apparently Davey Boy enjoyed running around in a diaper and pooping himself according to the girls he employed. Nice... LOL

And you gotta love that Fox News Network. When an embattled Republican stands up in front of everyone to confess how he's been cheating on his wife, what do they do? They label him a Democrat...

I'm sure it was just an honest accident -- although it's happened before...

And again...

I even subjected myself to listening to a little Sean Hannity over the last couple days just to hear him and his idiotic audience offer forgiveness to Sanford simply because he's a Republican and, of course, blame Democrats for being even worse. The irony is if Sanford had said and done everything the same way, but had been a Democrat, Hannity and his minions would be calling for his resigination and making Sanford out to be the posterboy for all Democrats. These people are such frauds.

Let's face it -- the GOP is the party of hypocrisy. Their nonsensical 'moral values' crap only applies when it's convenient and they only point out the violators when it concerns people they oppose. They went on a witch hunt to impeach Bill Clinton and guys like Ensign, Sanford and Diaper Dave Vitter all supported the cause. Yet, when it comes to themselves and other people in their party, the rules are then somehow different. Fucking hypocrites...

R.I.P. The King of Pop

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I was in elementary school when Michael Jackson became the biggest thing on Earth. Everyone in my grade sans three kids were fans of him -- and I was one of those three! See, as a KISS fan, I loved hard rock and completely rejected the pop stylings of Michael Jackson. Yet, when I was at home, his MTV videos from the Thriller album slowly wore down my defenses and eventually I couldn't help but like the videos and the songs.

While the utter coolness of the "Thriller" video prompted me to turn in my membership to the Michael Jackson Haters Club, it was the awesomeness of Captain EO at EPCOT Center in Disney World that really won me over.

I had already been pondering whether I would go see Michael live if he ever toured the states again and I was definitely leaning towards YES. Too bad I will never get that chance.

I certainly felt some sadness today as the grim news came in. It's a shame that he didn't have a little more time to repair his image with the concerts he had planned. No matter what strangeness went on in his personal life, the pop legend will be missed.

Friday Night Metal!

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Radio where I grew up was the worst -- at least to me it was. Not a single station would play heavy metal in their normal rotation ever. The only shining moment came on Friday nights where one station would have an all-metal show for 2-hours starting around midnight.

Tonight, it dawned how awesome that show was way-back-when and without it, how I might not have gotten into the bands that I did. Traditional radio still blows today, but at least there are more ways to listen to and discover the kinds of music you want without having to depend on the FM dial.

So, in tribute to those Friday night metal shows (The Metal Shop and For Rockers Only), I'm posting some mother-f%#king metal tonight!!

The GOP Plan to Fix Healthcare: Fear

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On Monday, President Obama was pitching his plan for healthcare reform to the American Medical Association. Of course, on the conservative airwaves, they spent plenty of time demonizing his plan. I listened to some of Sean Hannity in the afternoon so I could hear him lie and pitch a fit about it -- and of course, he did.

Republicans have a hard time fighting against this because they aren't really for anything. All they can do is pitch fear (like they always do) in an effort to get people to oppose something. In this case, Hannity talks about how Obama's plan will have the government making our medical decisions and will result in us to having to wait days/weeks instead of receiving immediate medical care. Of course, this is all lies.

See, this was their defense against implementing true universal healthcare -- something Obama (unfortunately) is not proposing. All Obama is trying to push is a public healthcare option that will be available to anyone who wants it. Of course, if people opt to not participate in that particular plan, they can still keep their own coverage.

Ultimately, the only group of people who benefit from the Republican opposition to real healthcare reform are the rich, for-profit insurance companies. How nice. Meanwhile the nearly 50 million of uninsured people are supposed to remain shit out of luck.

So if Obama's plan is so bad, what is the alternative fix to the healthcare crisis from the other side of the aisle? Let me go into specific detail of the alternative healthcare plan that Republicans are pushing and fully support:

...and that's the GOP's entire plan to fix healthcare. Like it? I sure don't.

Kettle, Meet Gene Simmons

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Gene Simmons has been asked quite a bit about performing with American Idol finalist, Adam Lambert, as of late. And while mostly everything has been generally praise-worthy towards Lambert, Gene goes and blurts out this on
Good Day Philadelphia:

"Mostly he should shut up about his sexual preferences.
We, America, the rest of the world, really don't care.
I mean, if the story becomes 'I prefer farm animals to,'
you know, who cares?"

Wow, that's an interesting statement coming from the guy never seems to shut up about his own sexual preferences:

Now if Gene wanted to say that he thinks that Adam Lambert's decision to speak openly about being gay is a mistake career-wise, he should just say so. But for him to say that Lambert should 'shut up' about his sexual preferences after Gene himself has spent decades talking about his own sexual preferences and the number of women he has bedded down is hypocritical to say the least.

I can honestly say that I care as little about who Lambert prefers sexually as I do who Gene Simmons prefers sexually. Yet, since the mid-80s, I've had to endure watching/listening/reading Gene blather on about his sexual preferences hundreds and hundreds of times over. I wish Gene would learn to take his own advice.

The Best of Christian Bale

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Having just seen "Terminator Salvation" this past weekend, it got me thinking about Christian Bale's best movies...

5. Reign of Fire

Filmed before Matthew McConaughey became Mr. Chick Flick, Christian Bale and McConaughey team up to save the world from an infestation of dragons. Bale's character had gone a lifetime without seeing a single dragon killed and yet to save human existence, he sets out with McConaughey to kill the sole male dragon who happens to be the biggest, nastiest one of them all.

4. Rescue Dawn

This entire movie is driven by Bale's performance. It's even more compelling because it's a true story. Bale eating a bowl of live maggots is as impressive as it is disgusting. Obviously, he cares a great deal about his craft. How many other actors would have done that? Not many.

3. Equilibrium

Our story takes place in a totalitarian state where citizens are no longer allowed to possess things that cause them to feel. No books, no mementos and no cute fluffy doggies. Bale plays a high-level enforcer of these rules, but the cute fluffy doggy breaks him. Bale takes it upon himself to change the rules via brute force.

2. 3:10 to Yuma

Two great actors and one great ending. Westerns are not something I particularly care for, but the movie is too good to let that get in the way.

And numero uno....

1. American Psycho

One of my all-time favorite films with one of my all-time favorite characters. I remember seeing this film opening weekend when Bale was virtually an unknown. When I walked out of the theater, he had a new fan. His acting is supurb and the story is scary, funny, and awesome all at the same time. Love it! Love it! Love it!

No, "Terminator Salvation" didn't make the cut nor did his Batman films either. While I enjoyed them all, his presence in them was not especially important to their overall quality. Could other actors played those roles as well as he did? Probably. Could anyone have played Patrick Bateman as well in "American Psycho"? Absolutely not. I chose these films because I felt that Bale's contribution played a big part in why these five movies are as good as they are.

In closing, I will post my favorite quote from Christian Bale:

"I will never say never, but I will say never to doing the more typical romantic comedies. You know, unless I’m getting audited and I’m on the street and I desperately need some dough and that’s the only thing that I’m getting."

Hopefully, it'll never come to that. It does make me wonder if Matthew McConaughey is being audited, though...

Have Republicans Gone Nuts?

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Today on the Drudge Report, they posted a claim that President Obama was sporting a moustache in Egypt. Oh really...

First off, where the hell is it?!? I shouldn't need a magnifying glass in order to see it if he grew such a thing for this speech.

I suppose that such a claim either implies that Obama is trying to appease Middle-Easterners, or that he's really one of them, or... or... who the fuck knows what they really mean by it. The claim is not actually tied to a story so it's up to the reader to make their own assumption. Unfortunately the photo evidence is flimsier than a Lock Ness Monster sighting -- only, with less convincing proof.

I swear -- if the GOP stopped selling Americans fear, what would they have left to sell us? Certainly not ideas.

MTV Music Awards... Who Watches Anymore??

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Not me -- and for good reason. After reading the results in an article on IMDB.com, there was one thing that was crystal clear: No one with a penis watches this show anymore.

"Twilight" won for Best Movie as it inexplicably beat out "The Dark Knight" and "Slumdog Millionaire". Reviewer Bob Grimm of the Tuscan Weekly maybe summed "Twilight" up best: "Dumbest vampire movie... ever."

Who in their right mind would have voted for this garbage?!? Oh right... teenage girls who, quite frankly, have a proven track record when it comes to taste in quality movies.

Clearly this was the only demographic that cared enough to vote for these awards as "Twilight" racked up 5 awards while "High School Musical 3" trailed right behind with 3 awards. The icing on the cake was Miley Cyrus earning an award for the Best Song. Good fucking God...

In what bizarro world does the MTV Movie Awards exist in?? Certainly not one that has any relevance when Zac Efron beats out Christian Bale and Robert Downey Jr. for Best Male Performance and Kristen Stewart wins over the likes of Angelina Jolie and Kate Winslet for Best Female Perfomance.

Why would any person over 21 watch this program when the most undeserving people are walking away with awards? Every winner -- sans one -- was from a movie deemed 'rotten' via Rotten Tomatoes. And the only reason Heath Ledger won was not because he died, but because no one from "Twilight" was nominated in his category!

Anyhow, MTV sucks so incredibly hard these days and nothing embodied this fact more than the results of this idiotic, irrelevant award show.