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I almost did a little happy dance when the news broke that Republican Governor, Mark Sanford, was banging some Argentinian woman for 5-days last week instead of spending a nice Father's Day home with his wife and 4 sons. What a guy!

I think this was even a little more satisfying than when Republican Senator, John Ensign, admitted last week that he was banging a married woman who worked for his campaign. The sex was so good that he doubled her salary and employed her son as well!

Personally, I kinda miss the days when these swines would drag their wives to the news conferences for the sake of publicly humiliating them a la Republican Senator, David Vitter, who was banging prostitutes.

Shed no tears for her, though. The tough talking Wendy Vitter once said that she could not be forgiving like Hillary Clinton, but "a lot more like Lorena Bobbitt" while commenting on the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Apparently, this was a hollow statement as David Vitter is still in one piece and Mrs. Vitter is still Mrs. Vitter.

And not only was he paying for his sex, but apparently Davey Boy enjoyed running around in a diaper and pooping himself according to the girls he employed. Nice... LOL

And you gotta love that Fox News Network. When an embattled Republican stands up in front of everyone to confess how he's been cheating on his wife, what do they do? They label him a Democrat...

I'm sure it was just an honest accident -- although it's happened before...

And again...

I even subjected myself to listening to a little Sean Hannity over the last couple days just to hear him and his idiotic audience offer forgiveness to Sanford simply because he's a Republican and, of course, blame Democrats for being even worse. The irony is if Sanford had said and done everything the same way, but had been a Democrat, Hannity and his minions would be calling for his resigination and making Sanford out to be the posterboy for all Democrats. These people are such frauds.

Let's face it -- the GOP is the party of hypocrisy. Their nonsensical 'moral values' crap only applies when it's convenient and they only point out the violators when it concerns people they oppose. They went on a witch hunt to impeach Bill Clinton and guys like Ensign, Sanford and Diaper Dave Vitter all supported the cause. Yet, when it comes to themselves and other people in their party, the rules are then somehow different. Fucking hypocrites...


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