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The GOP Plan to Fix Healthcare: Fear

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On Monday, President Obama was pitching his plan for healthcare reform to the American Medical Association. Of course, on the conservative airwaves, they spent plenty of time demonizing his plan. I listened to some of Sean Hannity in the afternoon so I could hear him lie and pitch a fit about it -- and of course, he did.

Republicans have a hard time fighting against this because they aren't really for anything. All they can do is pitch fear (like they always do) in an effort to get people to oppose something. In this case, Hannity talks about how Obama's plan will have the government making our medical decisions and will result in us to having to wait days/weeks instead of receiving immediate medical care. Of course, this is all lies.

See, this was their defense against implementing true universal healthcare -- something Obama (unfortunately) is not proposing. All Obama is trying to push is a public healthcare option that will be available to anyone who wants it. Of course, if people opt to not participate in that particular plan, they can still keep their own coverage.

Ultimately, the only group of people who benefit from the Republican opposition to real healthcare reform are the rich, for-profit insurance companies. How nice. Meanwhile the nearly 50 million of uninsured people are supposed to remain shit out of luck.

So if Obama's plan is so bad, what is the alternative fix to the healthcare crisis from the other side of the aisle? Let me go into specific detail of the alternative healthcare plan that Republicans are pushing and fully support:

...and that's the GOP's entire plan to fix healthcare. Like it? I sure don't.


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