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KISS Fans Who Hate KISS

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There are three kinds of people in this world:

1) KISS fans
2) People who aren't KISS fans
3) KISS fans who hate KISS

The latter group of people are easily the worst of all.

See, if you think KISS songs are the musical equivalent to buffalo farts -- that's perfectly fine. However, if you are going to be some whiny KISS fan who pitches continuous online fits over which 50-year old KISS member wears which clown makeup, you need to get a life or find a new hobby.

KISS has been through countless lineup changes over the years and the latest incarnation of the band is just one more in a long list. The current KISS lineup, while totally awesome, is really no different than any other lineup. It's still just KISS.

KISS' current drummer, Eric Singer, and lead guitarist, Tommy Thayer, now wear the Catman and Spaceman makeup because Peter Criss and Ace Frehley are no longer in the band. The decision concerning the makeup came as a result of Peter and Ace's discontentment with being in KISS.

In 2000, Peter Criss refused to honor his existing contract at the end of the Farewell Tour and demanded more money. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley did not take kindly to these demands and brought back Eric Singer (the drummer who Criss replaced when KISS reunited) who finished the tour wearing the Catman persona.

In 2002, Ace Frehley refused to sign a new contract after Paul and Gene decided that KISS should continue. With Ace's decision being final, they replaced him with long-time KISS associate, Tommy Thayer.

So why can KISS still use the Catman and Spaceman makeup without Ace and Peter being in the band? Because Ace and Peter pawned off their rights to the designs for cold hard cash years ago. If those guys didn't see their own makeup designs as sacred, why should fans see it any differently?

Ever since 2001, KISS has had at least one non-original member sporting a makeup design that an original member once wore. Even though it's been 8-years, there are still people bellyaching over it like it happened yesterday.

The most amusing example of this childish behavior is this particular retard who wholely embodies the ridiculousness of it all...

I remember when I was a little kid and believed that Paul, Gene, Ace and Peter were really their characters. Because of that, the makeup mattered to little kids like me. In 1983, KISS took off the makeup and revealed themselves to really be four regular and somewhat ugly guys.

But today, it's not little kids who are crying about the makeup, but grown adults acting like little kids over this situation. They pick internet fights, post endless criticisms and even start little hate forums in protest. Let's just get one thing straight: A KISS fan who hates KISS isn't a KISS fan at all.

Anyhow, until puberty hits these 30 and 40-year olds, Eric Singer has an undergarment recommendation for all the cry-babies out there...

Newsflash: Glenn Beck Is Insane

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Every once and a while, a right-wing lunatic gives us a gift-wrapped present with a bow. Today's offering comes via Glenn Beck of Fox News.

Beck claims that the current President of the United States is a 'racist'. Yes, a racist. Our half-white President hates white people. Leave it to true racists to forget that little fact.

Republicans also believe this is chocolate ice cream...

Beck claims that President Obama has, "...a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture." He then went on to contradict himself -- and then contradict the contradiction -- by saying, "I'm not saying he doesn't like white people. He has a problem. This guy is, I believe, a racist."

So let's sum up:

1) Obama has a deep-seated hatred for white people.
2) Obama may not hate white people.
3) Obama is, in fact, a racist.

Part of me wishes nothing but ill-will upon Beck, but in a lot of ways, this kinda of stuff only helps keep the GOP out of touch and out of power -- and that's a good thing.

There's no doubt that there's a small portion of this country who agree with Beck. These people also believe that President Obama an illegal alien and a Muslim to boot. But for this mainstream personality to go and spout such craziness, it just shows that the GOP is still just a party of white guys who consistantly oppose minorities in our country.

It has been projected that by 2050, minorities in America will become the majority. All I know is if this kind of nonsense on the Right continues to occur, the GOP will be a dead party by then -- and, IMO, that really can't come soon enough.

C'mon Glenn Beck. It's time to enter the 21st century. Even some of your biggest supporters have caught up with the times...

"Bruno" is the "Unbreakable" of 2009

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Since the release of "Bruno", I've had seen a host of negative reviews for the film that really had me wondering how Sacha Baron Cohen could have gotten this film so wrong. After seeing the film, I believe I understand why some people feel as they do.

It seems that many of these reviewers who see "Bruno" in a negative light do so because the film did not live up to the greatness of "Borat". However, this is not a flaw with the film; it is a flaw with the viewer.

"Borat" was a masterpiece. The specialness of "Borat" was like lightning in a bottle that could never be duplicated and it's partially why Cohen retired the character. "Bruno" is obviously cut from the same cloth as "Borat", but fails to amaze us in the same way because this kind of film is no longer original to us. We've now been there and done that.

"Bruno" is a very funny movie, but it's unfortunate that it cannot escape the large shadow that "Borat" has cast. It reminds me very much in how M. Night Shyamalan's "Unbreakable" could not live up to his legendary, "Sixth Sense".

Even though we knew we were getting an entirely different movie with M. Night's sophmore effort, many people were still expecting, "The Sixth Sense II". When they didn't get that or an ending that impacted them as much, they saw it as a disappointment. The truth is that "Unbreakable" did not fail us; people's expectations failed them.

"Unbreakable" is a very good stand-alone film and also has a pretty darn good ending -- it's just that the ending isn't in the same league as "The Sixth Sense" (although very few movie endings are). It's a shame that some people have let this affect their appreciation for this film.

Admittedly, "Bruno" was not as great as "Borat", but that doesn't mean it wasn't good. Personally, I laughed more than not during those 90-minutes. If you compare "Bruno" to every other comedy released over the last 5-years, IMO, it would only be bested by no more than a handful of them.

I am absolutely convinced that if there were never a "Borat", more people would love with this film. Even part of me is guilty of comparing the two, but I never let it get in the way of my enjoyment of this film. Unfortunately, others are unable to leave "Borat" out of the equation when watching this movie. It's really their loss because "Bruno" is a pretty darn good flick.

Sweet Mother of God!


Brace yourself...

The Best of Johnny Depp

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Having recently seen Johnny Depp in "Public Enemies", I got thinking about which are the best characters he's played over the years. Here are the ones that I thought he shined the brightest in:

5. Sweeney Todd

No only does Depp have to pull off playing a Brit, but he has to sing in this movie as well -- a lot of singing, actually. For someone who isn't as gifted as maybe a Hugh Jackman when it comes to this sort of thing, Depp easily earns an 'E' for effort when it comes to this creepy performance.

4. Willy Wonka

While it's not the best movie, Depp puts his own spin on Wonka that is quite compelling. There's no doubt that Michael Jackson was, at least in part, an influence on how he tackled this role. There are just too many similarities in appearance, speech, circumstance and life-story. Regardless, Depp carries the movie on his back and keeps you interested the entire way.

3. John Wilmot, The Earl of Rochester

Unless you've seen "The Libertine" on cable, it's likely that you probably haven't witnessed Depp in this role. John Wilmot is not more than a stone's throw away from Depp's infamous Jack Sparrow character, but he's even more arrogant and self-interested than Captain Jack. Actually, in some ways, Wilmot's lifestyle is probably more pirate-like than Disney allows Jack Sparrow to be.

My favorite scene in "The Libertine" is when Wilmot and his wife are posed while being painted for a portrait. Wilmot looks out the window and expresses interest in having a trained street monkey in their portrait as well. His wife then storms out of the room infuriated by the notion. As we later see, the finished painting only features Wilmot and the monkey...

2. Raoul Duke

I HATED this movie the first time I saw "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". I can stress how much I disliked it. However, in the last year, it's been sporatically on HBO and I've reaquainted and made peace with it. In the process, I also realized that Depp is fantasic in this role as the half-cocked, paranoid goofball based on Hunter S. Thompson.

And number one...

1. Captain Jack Sparrow

None of Depp's other characters come close to being as impressive as Captain Jack. As great as Depp has been in his variety of roles, he created an iconic character out of his own very talents. So many lead characters are well-defined before an actor is even casted, but Depp molded this character from his own idea of who he should be -- a combination of Keith Richards and Pepé Le Pew. The result was pure magic.

I am quite looking forward to seeing Johnny Depp's next endeavour where he plays one of the many oddball characters who reside in the upside down world of Wonderland. Depp will portray the Mad Hatter.

Ahmadinejad Upset With Twitter


Ahmadinejad thinks we're jerks...

Well If The Martians Aren't Worried...

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Did you know that those who go around claiming that global warming is a myth are now citing the fact that the temperatures on Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are also rising? Yes, really. I heard this one on the Sean Hannity radio show on Thursday.

First off, conservatives need to get their stories straight. While they often call global warming a myth, they are using examples like this to claim that it all may just be some general warming within our solar system. Even if that were the case, wouldn' they then finally have to admit that it's actually happening? Well, they're not exactly saying that either.

The thing I found especially humorous in this example is that we already know Martians, Jupiterians and the Saturians aren't affected by the warming in the same way we are. Is it their ability to deal with the heat better than we can or is it that they are better at living under ground than we are? No. It's because they don't fucking exist!!

The combined living population on Mars, Jupiter and Saturn is zero. The temperatures on those planets can rise 100-degrees in a single day and while all kinds of crazy atmospheric shit might happen, it ain't gonna affect one life on those planets. On our planet, though, it's quite a different story.

Whether people believe global warming is man-made or just a natural cycle really doesn't matter. Humanity is headed for some big trouble if people don't collectively decide to counter the warming that is going on. Citing the rising temperatures on three other sister planets doesn't then mean that we shouldn't do anything about our own problems with such warming.

I think Al Gore put it best. He said that it may cost a lot to counter global warming and some might say it's too expensive to address, but if you do nothing and the planet gets too hot, what good will all the saved money be worth when it's too late?

The reality of global warming isn't going to mean more of this...

The reality of global warming is going to lead to more of this...

Good Riddance

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Today, the wackjob from Alaska announced her resignation from being the governor of that crazy state of hers. Whoo-hoo!!

The good news is that it's over for Sarah Palin in politics. I don't think she realizes that fact yet, but when you quit being governor after just 2-and-a-half years into your first term -- you're done. People would only wonder whether she would quit again if she were elected to any other office.

This decision today just seems too erratic. I cannot recall the last major political figure resigning from office with a good reason. In fact, they are almost always for bad reasons.

I just think The Wicked Witch of Wasilla sees this as a chance to fill up her bank account. In three weeks, she will become a private citizen and will be able to tour 'the lower 48' and get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars per speech. Her star is still bright in the eyes of certain people and she can make a lot more money as a private person in one year than she ever could in a lifetime as a politician.

So goodbye, Sarah Palin. No matter what you say or do from this point going forward, you will never again get the chance to have your hand in our country's political system. It was sure fun watching you implode your political career this afternoon.