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Well If The Martians Aren't Worried...

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Did you know that those who go around claiming that global warming is a myth are now citing the fact that the temperatures on Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are also rising? Yes, really. I heard this one on the Sean Hannity radio show on Thursday.

First off, conservatives need to get their stories straight. While they often call global warming a myth, they are using examples like this to claim that it all may just be some general warming within our solar system. Even if that were the case, wouldn' they then finally have to admit that it's actually happening? Well, they're not exactly saying that either.

The thing I found especially humorous in this example is that we already know Martians, Jupiterians and the Saturians aren't affected by the warming in the same way we are. Is it their ability to deal with the heat better than we can or is it that they are better at living under ground than we are? No. It's because they don't fucking exist!!

The combined living population on Mars, Jupiter and Saturn is zero. The temperatures on those planets can rise 100-degrees in a single day and while all kinds of crazy atmospheric shit might happen, it ain't gonna affect one life on those planets. On our planet, though, it's quite a different story.

Whether people believe global warming is man-made or just a natural cycle really doesn't matter. Humanity is headed for some big trouble if people don't collectively decide to counter the warming that is going on. Citing the rising temperatures on three other sister planets doesn't then mean that we shouldn't do anything about our own problems with such warming.

I think Al Gore put it best. He said that it may cost a lot to counter global warming and some might say it's too expensive to address, but if you do nothing and the planet gets too hot, what good will all the saved money be worth when it's too late?

The reality of global warming isn't going to mean more of this...

The reality of global warming is going to lead to more of this...


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