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Good Riddance

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Today, the wackjob from Alaska announced her resignation from being the governor of that crazy state of hers. Whoo-hoo!!

The good news is that it's over for Sarah Palin in politics. I don't think she realizes that fact yet, but when you quit being governor after just 2-and-a-half years into your first term -- you're done. People would only wonder whether she would quit again if she were elected to any other office.

This decision today just seems too erratic. I cannot recall the last major political figure resigning from office with a good reason. In fact, they are almost always for bad reasons.

I just think The Wicked Witch of Wasilla sees this as a chance to fill up her bank account. In three weeks, she will become a private citizen and will be able to tour 'the lower 48' and get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars per speech. Her star is still bright in the eyes of certain people and she can make a lot more money as a private person in one year than she ever could in a lifetime as a politician.

So goodbye, Sarah Palin. No matter what you say or do from this point going forward, you will never again get the chance to have your hand in our country's political system. It was sure fun watching you implode your political career this afternoon.


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