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KISS Fans Who Hate KISS

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There are three kinds of people in this world:

1) KISS fans
2) People who aren't KISS fans
3) KISS fans who hate KISS

The latter group of people are easily the worst of all.

See, if you think KISS songs are the musical equivalent to buffalo farts -- that's perfectly fine. However, if you are going to be some whiny KISS fan who pitches continuous online fits over which 50-year old KISS member wears which clown makeup, you need to get a life or find a new hobby.

KISS has been through countless lineup changes over the years and the latest incarnation of the band is just one more in a long list. The current KISS lineup, while totally awesome, is really no different than any other lineup. It's still just KISS.

KISS' current drummer, Eric Singer, and lead guitarist, Tommy Thayer, now wear the Catman and Spaceman makeup because Peter Criss and Ace Frehley are no longer in the band. The decision concerning the makeup came as a result of Peter and Ace's discontentment with being in KISS.

In 2000, Peter Criss refused to honor his existing contract at the end of the Farewell Tour and demanded more money. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley did not take kindly to these demands and brought back Eric Singer (the drummer who Criss replaced when KISS reunited) who finished the tour wearing the Catman persona.

In 2002, Ace Frehley refused to sign a new contract after Paul and Gene decided that KISS should continue. With Ace's decision being final, they replaced him with long-time KISS associate, Tommy Thayer.

So why can KISS still use the Catman and Spaceman makeup without Ace and Peter being in the band? Because Ace and Peter pawned off their rights to the designs for cold hard cash years ago. If those guys didn't see their own makeup designs as sacred, why should fans see it any differently?

Ever since 2001, KISS has had at least one non-original member sporting a makeup design that an original member once wore. Even though it's been 8-years, there are still people bellyaching over it like it happened yesterday.

The most amusing example of this childish behavior is this particular retard who wholely embodies the ridiculousness of it all...

I remember when I was a little kid and believed that Paul, Gene, Ace and Peter were really their characters. Because of that, the makeup mattered to little kids like me. In 1983, KISS took off the makeup and revealed themselves to really be four regular and somewhat ugly guys.

But today, it's not little kids who are crying about the makeup, but grown adults acting like little kids over this situation. They pick internet fights, post endless criticisms and even start little hate forums in protest. Let's just get one thing straight: A KISS fan who hates KISS isn't a KISS fan at all.

Anyhow, until puberty hits these 30 and 40-year olds, Eric Singer has an undergarment recommendation for all the cry-babies out there...


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