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40 Years of The Haunted Mansion

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When hinges creak in doorless chambers,
And strange and frightening sounds echo through the halls,
Whenever candlelights flicker where the air is deathly still,
That is the time when ghosts are present practicing their terror
with ghoulish delight.

Welcome foolish mortals to The Haunted Mansion...

The Haunted Mansion is my absolute favorite attraction in the entire world! Ever since I was a little kid going to Disney World, I have always had an affinity for The Haunted Mansion. OK, maybe not the first time or two inside because it scared the bejesus out of me, but after that, it has remained my favorite ever since.

Even though I grew up with the attraction in Disney World, the true Haunted Mansion is in Disneyland. It's not just that it happens to be the original, but that it's simply more perfect. The exterior building itself is one of my favorite visuals in all the Disney parks.

The Haunted Mansion is now turning 40-years old this year. It's pretty amazing how a ride that ancient has still remained one of Disneyland's top attractions. And even though there have been technological improvements within -- especially in recent years -- by enlarge, it's still the same attraction that has been scaring and delighting guests for 4 decades.

The magic really begins the moment you enter the line as you pass by the infamous animal cemetery and humorous gravestones. The eye for detail in and outside the building is unmatched by anything else inside the resort.

You also can't give enough credit to those men and women who have to dress up in those stuffy outfits and greet you with their monotone voices and eerie glances at the door. All that just adds to the overall macabre ambiance of The Mansion and it's definitely appreciated.

Unlike most other Disney attractions, the featured character in the attraction isn't someone you ever get to see. The creepy voice of the Ghost Host guides you from the first room in the house all the way to the moment you step out of your DoomBuggy.

The Ghost Host's spiel is so darn catchy that some people feel the urge to recite it much like a person singing along to their favorite song on the radio. Obviously, this can be a bit irritating, but it's done out of love and not purposeful annoyance.

From the stretching room in the beginning to the Hitchhiking Ghosts at the end, the 10-minutes inside The Haunted Mansion is pure bliss. Happy 40th Birthday to the best attraction ever!!


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