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My Advice To Big Ben: Stop Raping Women


Pittsburgh Steeler legend, Terry Bradshaw, recently offered Ben Roethlisberger his advice on what should be doing to fix things in his life. The advice included getting better handlers, avoid bars and college towns, not reading prepared statements and other methods to rehabilitate his damaged image.


Shouldn't the advice really be for Big Ben to just stop raping women?

I mean, if Big Ben stops forcing himself on women who cannot prevent a 6'5", 250 lb. man from doing what he wants to them, I think it's safe to say that future problems might be avoided.

So far, Ben Rapelisberger has been lucky because he's:

A) An NFL superstar
B) Rich
C) White

All Plaxico Burress did was accidentally shoot himself at a bar and he went to jail for two-years. Maybe one Superbowl ring just isn't worth as much as two in the eyes of the law.

It also helps that Ben Roethlisberger had a police officer who was just as enamored with his celebrity as any other average Joe investigating the case.

Ironically, this dopey officer who helped Ben Roethlisberger the night of the 'incident' is now
out of a job all because he wanted to protect the privileged in our society instead of the real victim of the crime. While justice will not be served in this case, at least karma didn't take very long to come around and set things slightly straighter.


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