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The Summer of Epic Fail

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Remember when summer movies used to actually be good? Ahh... the good 'ol days when we had quality choices every single weekend of summer season. What the hell happened to those days?!?

Today, our choices seem to be a bad movie or an even worse movie. The thinking in Hollywood must be that people are so excited to see these supposed 'blockbusters' that they don't actually care how good they are.

RottenTomatoes.com really has the best system for gauging the quality of a movie. It basically takes all of the reviews from credible reviewers, adds up their individual grades and comes up with a total score. Now lets look at what we've been offered so far since the beginning of May...

Shrek Forever After - 52%
Just Wright - 49%
Letters To Juliet - 46%
MacGruber - 45%
Robin Hood - 44%
Prince of Persia - 39%
Sex in the City 2 - 16%
Killers - ??

All of these movies are classified as 'rotten' via the Rotten Tomatoes website. "Killers" doesn't have a score because they wouldn't even let critics near it before it opened. Only "Iron Man 2" managed to achieve the status of 'fresh' with a underwhelming score of 74%.

This could very well be the worst May in the modern history of cinema. It's certainly the most pitiful May that I can recall. Audiences must have felt the very same way as this was the worst Memorial Day weekend box office in 17-years. Take that Hollywood!!

It's almost insulting that they believe that audiences will see any old crap they put out there during the summer season. The problem is that unless people swear by reviews, audiences don't really have any idea how good a film is until they have already coughed up their $11.

Other than "Toy Story 3", it seems that we're only facing even more epic failure with potential stinkers like "Marmaduke", "Get Him To The Greek", "A-Team" and "Grown Ups" all on deck. This sure is shaping up to be one crummy summer at the movies...