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Poll: Health Care Law Repealed?

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Apparently almost half of America either believes that the Health Care Law passed in 2009 was repealed or might have been repealed according to a new poll. Seriously, WTF America?!?

How can we live in the 'information age' and have so many misinformed people? Are folks really that dumb or are they just willfully ignorant to the facts? Unfortunately, this isn't the only major issue people are clearly misinformed about.

In 2010,
a poll was taken where only 12% of people correctly knew that President Obama actually lowered their taxes while 24% believed their taxes were raised. Even scarier, as the year went on, the number of people who believed they were paying higher taxes actually grew!

By election day in November 2010, 52% of likely voters wrongly believed their taxes went up during Obama's first two years in office.

Then you got those kooks who believe that our US president isn't even a US citizen. Of course, if there were a single ounce of credible proof of this, Barack Obama would have to step down as president. Obviously, that hasn't happened.

A poll of GOP voters in 2010 showed that an eye-popping 72% of them were either unsure of his US citizenship or believed he was not a US citizen at all. Clearly such beliefs aren't based on facts so why are so many people willing to accept false information as truth?

For some, the origins of false beliefs simply come from hate (see photo above). For others, it's a matter of ignoring the facts because it plays into how they feel about those who are different from themselves (i.e. political views, skin color, religion, etc.). Still, the fact that this many people accept these lies and falsehoods for truth is really quite alarming.

How are we to be the greatest country on earth when we have this many tool boxes in our shed? Stop choosing to be 'morans' America.


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