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Dallas: Congratulations For Murdering Animals

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This morning I went online to check the latest sports news and I came across a headline so bizarre that I had to blink a few extra times just to make sure that all the sleep gunk was cleared from my eyes and that I was really reading it correctly:

Dallas Honors Michael Vick
With Key to City

So let me get this straight...

Fight, torture and murder innocent animals and run an illegal dog fighting ring right behind your home and what do you get?

Injure your knee in the second quarter of a playoff game and because it doesn't appear to be severe enough to the beer-swilling slobs at home to merit not returning to the field, what do you get?

Worse yet, the unlikeable human behind Jay Cutler in this ESPN poll isn't even the dog killer guy, but the guy who has a thing for raping women for offseason fun. Boy, ain't that funny...

You would think it would be easy to now go off on a long rant about how wrong Dallas is and all of the rest, but I'm honestly at a loss for words. I simply don't understand people and there just aren't enough faces or palms to express the disappointment I feel towards those who are so willing to celebrate such horrible human beings all because they win some meaningless sports games. Ugh...


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