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Miley Cyrus Is A Jealous C*ntbag

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“It should be harder to be an artist.
You shouldn’t just be able to put a song
on YouTube and go out on tour.”

-- Miley Cyrus, Forgotten Former Teen Queen

That’s hilarious coming from someone who only got her foot in the door in entertainment world because of her famous father. And it’s equally amusing to hear Miley snobbishly throwing around the term ‘artist’ as if she actually earned her standing as one and those YouTube sensations have not.

Sure, screw the average nobody who gets their lucky break via YouTube where everyday people can decide if they like truly something or not. Apparently Miley would prefer it if we went back to when it was entirely up to Hollywood bigwigs and their marketing teams to manufacture who they want us to like.

It just sounds to me that someone is just a little jelly that someone as pedestrian as Rebecca Black is not only stealing away her pop-sensation spotlight, but already has a song more well-known to the general public than anything Miley ever sang.

Please just allow us to enjoy the feel-good terribleness of Rebecca Black for her entire 15-seconds of fame without you poo-pooing all over it with your catty remarks all because your post-Hanna Montana career is hitting rock bottom.

Can't you just shut up and go back to taking candid self-shots and undie pics? Sadly, when Miley opens her big, dumb, super-annoying mouth, she kinda puts a slight damper on my inappropriate attraction to her.


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