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Should Anthony Weiner Resign? No.

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Fact: Each political party has its share of scumbags. Yesterday, Democrats officially added one more to the collective pile in Rep. Anthony Weiner.

The outrage that Republicans feel about Weiner is understandable as I've certainly wished for the constituents of Republican offenders to either vote them out or to put enough pressure on them so that they'd want leave.

However, it's laughable when Republicans start calling for Anthony Weiner to resign from his position after these same people said NOTHING when their own party's creeps had opted to hang in there after their indiscretions.

Let's be clear: Anthony Weiner is a fucking idiot. I really admire him as a politician, but I'm sure hoping that his wife wises up and opts to divorce his ass. He just doesn't deserve such a fine, fine woman.

That being said, based on what we actually know thus far, he shouldn't step down as he hasn't done anything illegal. If we find out otherwise, I'm all for giving him the boot.

Ultimately, his constituents will have the power to decide his fate and if they don't value these qualities in their congressional representative, they'll have an opportunity to say so at the polls.

When it comes to letches like Republican Senators Ensign and Vitter, those guys actually broke laws. Even that aside, they both pushed their own high moral standards onto the American people in the form of legislation that would 'protect marriage' -- something they clearly didn't value themselves.

These same two clowns had actually demanded that President Clinton resign for doing the very same thing they eventually got caught doing. Of course, neither of them resigned when exposed. And guess which other Republican proclaimed the very same thing way back when he was a US congressman...

Even when one Republican senator was arrested for soliciting gay sex in an airport restroom, Republicans didn't demand his resignation -- although he kinda-sorta initially gave it. But once he found that his party wasn't going to push him out for being a closet homosexual who sought hot man-love in public bathrooms because they valued his reliable Republican vote more than anything else, he managed to serve out his full term without any objection.

The point is, if you didn't call for resignations when your own party's creeps had their indiscretions AND broke laws, then STFU when it comes to demanding that Anthony Weiner resign from his position and stop being a hypocrite who only demands such action when it's the other guys who do it.


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