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Casey Anthony Jury Gets It Right


Things we learned today:

1. The justice system actually works
2. Most people presume guilt over innocence
3. People really, really need lives

Whether you agree with the decision in the Casey Anthony trial or not, ultimately the correct decision was made by the jury. Wait, what?!?!

That doesn't mean that Casey Anthony didn't kill her daughter, but the evidence proving that she commmited murder simply wasn't there. As of today, all we know is that no one really knows. Of course, a lot of people think they know and that's why we have all of this silly outrage today.

In some ways, it was actually fun to watch the internet lose its collective mind today over all this. The media had snookered so many people into believing that this trial/circus was just a necessary procedure before Casey Anthony was sent to the gas chamber. Whoops! All this did was cause a virtual lynch mob of crazy people who invested WAY too much of their time and emotion into this trial.

One of the main reasons that people were so caught off guard by the verdict is because it's human nature to presume guilt over innocence. Let's be honest, the second we saw Casey Anthony's mugshot and heard what she was accused of, we all thought to ourselves, "That is the woman killed who her daughter." Then some of us thought, "Yeah, I'd do her." But none of us ever really thought, "That is the woman who is accused of killing her daughter and she might actually be innocent."

Luckily, the standard in our court system is just the opposite of how we are prone to think. And with that being the standard in our legal system and not who is simply a crummy person in general, it should then be no surprise that the jury deemed Casey Anthony 'Not Guilty' today.

Do people honestly think that they know better than the 12 jurors who had to sit through weeks and weeks of this entire proceeding? These folks were forced to endure every last detail of this trial, but somehow THEY are the ones who got it wrong while the long list of lifeless couch potatoes, random internet posters and B-list celebs who all rushed to their Twitter accounts to voice their outrage are actually the real legal experts concerning this case? LOL, c'mon...

So now we now have a nation full of bleeding hearts (with blood-thirsty rage) over this trial, but what gets me is that every single day when you pick up your local paper or watch your local news, countless murders, deaths, rapes, assaults, etc. are reported and the vast majority of us don't even flinch at those stories. Where are all the tears and anger for all of the average, every day deaths, murders, etc. that the media doesn't glorify in this obscene manner? Do they really matter any less? And if they don't, why do we care so much less about those?

Personally, the ONLY thing I care about is if someone in our country is accused of murder and no one saw them do it, the prosecution sure as shit better be able to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt because that is what our justice system demands. If it was you or I who was falsely accused of a crime, we would all hope that a jury would not let their own human nature decide our fate, but base it on the actual evidence brought against us, no?

Today, the only things we know for sure is that the justice system still occasionally works and that Nancy Grace is still an idiot.


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