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I Hate You Blockbuster

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Just as Netflix was wounded and on the ropes, Blockbuster prepared a press conference on Friday to make a 'major announcement' in which most people presumed would be their official entry into the movie streaming market.

Let the exodus begin!

But then came their BIG announcement...

Blockbuster's streaming catalog of movies would soon be available to Dish customers for a small extra fee a month. Wait -- what? That's it???

Sure, that may be a great deal for 17 people who are Dish customers, but how does that actually merit a press conference?

Many current and former disaffected Netflix had high hopes for an alternative to a company they had lost their faith in. All this did was just add to the disappointment in the current state of movie streaming and probably give everyone over at Netflix a pretty good chuckle. Good job Blockbuster...

I'm glad you jerks are pretty much out of business. Fuck you guys too.

I Hate You Netflix

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Ok, maybe hate is a little strong of a word. Nonetheless, what has happened with Netflix is the very reason why I cannot and will never understand why some people become ‘fans’ of brands and companies. Sure, some companies have impressive goods, but the only thing they love about us is our money. It’s like falling in love with a stripper.

Netflix was once a company that almost everyone felt really good about. While they weren't without flaw, there was a lot to like about them and their reasonably priced service. Then, out of nowhere, they blindsided their loyal customer base with the infamous price hike of September 2011 that caused a million people to up and exit stage left.

Netflix has now basically turned into the cable company – and let’s face it, companies like Comcast are about as cool as the IRS. You have to pay them, but you absolutely loathe doing it.

While mass outrage ensued, the only people more annoying than those running the company were the Netflix faithful who were posting comments like, “When you think about it, it’s still a great deal for all that you get. Where else are you going to get this service? Stop complaining already.” STFU fanboys...

It wasn't until their stockholders finally lost their confidence in the company that then bought on Netflix's sudden
remorse about their arrogance. But even as their CEO 'apologized', it was all just a ploy to spring another bad idea upon us with a fittingly stupid name: Qwikster. We're really sorry and all that, but you're STILL going to pay more AND you're going to be further inconvenienced if you continue to hang around... blah, blah, blah... Gee thanks.

Meanwhile on Wall Street...

You know what? I DO hate you, Netflix. Everything you have done since you announced the price hike has sucked. I enjoy seeing your customers leaving en masse. I love that your stock is in freefall. I think it's great that your competition now smells blood in the water and pose a threat to your long-term future. You guys brought every bit of this upon yourselves all because you didn't respect your customers.

So fuck you, Netflix. Fuck You.