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I Hate You Blockbuster

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Just as Netflix was wounded and on the ropes, Blockbuster prepared a press conference on Friday to make a 'major announcement' in which most people presumed would be their official entry into the movie streaming market.

Let the exodus begin!

But then came their BIG announcement...

Blockbuster's streaming catalog of movies would soon be available to Dish customers for a small extra fee a month. Wait -- what? That's it???

Sure, that may be a great deal for 17 people who are Dish customers, but how does that actually merit a press conference?

Many current and former disaffected Netflix had high hopes for an alternative to a company they had lost their faith in. All this did was just add to the disappointment in the current state of movie streaming and probably give everyone over at Netflix a pretty good chuckle. Good job Blockbuster...

I'm glad you jerks are pretty much out of business. Fuck you guys too.


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